Welcome to Troxie. We are so excited to meet you!

At Troxie, we believe in the power of breath.

Our mission is to allow all children limitless potential through freedom to move, play, and thrive despite any respiratory condition, while reducing stress and easing the mind of parents as they work to keep their child safe and healthy.

Troxie is creating the first continuous, wearable pulse oximeter made just for children. Getting rid of bulky finger probes, the Troxie wearable tracking oximeter takes measurements directly from the wrist. It can be worn all day to provide continuous monitoring of current blood oxygen saturation. This information can be shared directly to a mobile device, giving any parent ease of mind in knowing their child is healthy or notifying them if the child is in need of further attention.

We want all children to thrive despite any respiratory condition, and it is our mission to make pulse oximetry easy, useful, and convenient for both parent and child. Currently, the Troxie tracker is under development and not yet available for purchase. However, if you are interested in learning more, please contact us!

We hope that with Troxie you can sit back, relax, and BREATHE EASY.

Yours truly,

The Troxie Team